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    2018-2027 ATC Plan

    The latest Controller Workforce Plan has been posted by the FAA.
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    FAA Controller Workforce Plan 2017

    The FAA has released the Controller Workforce Plan, 2017 edition.
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    Online ATC Classes?

    Anyone know of schools that offer ATC classes online? Thanks in advance.
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    Tentative Offer Letter

    CTI-LUVR where's your proof that CTI grads "could get through the process the fastest"? A previous poster mentioned it should be Veterans first......I agree 100%.
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    Declining Location Placement Question

    I have heard these days that the FAA is like the military - you go where we need you. If you don't like it then too bad. That said I think if you are offered a position with a less than desirable location and you turn it down you probably won't get another chance given there are literally...
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    Air Force ATC Help

    Recruiters are very much like the FAA - they could care less about your desires and focus much on their own goals. If you want ATC then stick with your plans and don't sign any thing unless you get ATC in writing.
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    ATCPrep Updated Software

    Has anyone got the new version? Any thing you can share like screen captures, how it works, need connection to the Internet to use, registration required, etc? I know there are a few pictures on their Facebook page but would love to get more information of what it is all about before spending...
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    ATCPrep Updated Software

    Anybody check out the updated software version 4? They say it has similar tests that are on the AT-SA new version.
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    2016-2025 FAA Controller Workforce Plan

    No mention of the CTI program in the latest FAA CWP. Sorry to see they don't value education any more. Oh well, this old saying seems appropriate: "you reap what you sow". FAA_Workforce_Plan_2016-2025
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    Air Traffic Control Prep for the FAA Academy

    All I know is the web page I found while searching for ATC classes.
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    Air Traffic Control Prep for the FAA Academy

    Anyone have information on this place? Air Traffic Control Training Thanks in advance.
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    FAA 2015-2024 CWP Released (no Mention of CTI)

    The latest version of the FAA Air Traffic Controller Workforce Plan 2015–2024 (PDF) does not mention any thing about the CTI program. Just a dual track to employment - those with ATC experience and those without experience.
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    This Day Has Been a Long Time Coming

    atcadvocate makes valid points about the FAA wanting employees who are compliant and don't complain. I have been watching this and have been involved in ATC since Unfriendly skies - The air traffic controllers' sick-out, 1969; I still remember PATCO president Robert Poli fighting for employee...
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    OTS Dream Facilities...

    Over the years I have seen many go to a high traffic facility and wash out, yes some made it but many failed. For me the best facility is a low level one where you can get CPC in and spend 3-5 years gaining rated experience. Don't forget the one year probation period that they can let you go...
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    The Final Countdown!!!

    Did I miss something in Job Announcement: FAA-AMC-14-ALLSRCE-33537? The Security Clearance is now Public Trust - Background Investigation (I think it used to be Secret Clearance for ARTCC & Tracon positions and Public Trust for Tower). Also no where in the announcement is it listed that you...