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    Marine Officer ACT

    Hello, Im about to graduate with my bachelors in May and i have been thinking of enlisting into the Marines as an Officer. Do you guys know if it is possible for Officers to do ATC in the Marines? I thought I heard somewhere that only enlisted recruits can do actual ATC work. Is this true?
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    GPA Requirements?

    quick question, Are there any gpa requirement that the FAA is looking for?. Highschool?College? Thanks!
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    What is the Best Route to ATC Career?

    Hello, I am 22 years old and am about to graduate with my Bachelors and have recently grown an interest in a career in ATC. I been doing some research so far but am unsure what is the best route to get to the FAA Academy. 1. Complete a 2 year atc cti program then get a referral to FAA Academy...