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    Boston Center - ZBW

    Ive been at the academy since April and haven't heard of ZBW coming up much. I graduate in 4 weeks though and I'm really hoping it's an option for me
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    FAA Academy 2015 & Grading System

    you'll find that you'll hear nothing but excuses from people who fail or don't do well. If you get it, you get it.
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    FAA Academy 2015 & Grading System

    Yeah it does. A perfect score going into radar evals is only 34 points.
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    FAA Academy 2015 & Grading System

    Here's the current grading for en route: Map Test: 2% Controller Knowledge Test 1: 4% Non radar eval 1: 7% Non radar eval 2: 7% Aircraft Characteristics test: 4% CKT 2: 5% Checklist: 5% Radar eval 1: 22% Radar eval 2: 22% radar eval 3: 22% You need a 70 to pass so yes it is majorly up to the...
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    If Given ToL, Chances of Getting NY After Academy?

    ZNY was #1 on the most recent national list for en route selections. It's been at the top of all the eastern region lists and they aren't doing regions anymore anyway, so your chances are pretty good. But keep in mind, there's a reason it's #1. My instructors said they would rather go to GUAM...
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    Green Checks: Don't Quit Your Jobs Yet

    There's still a good amount from last year's bid getting placed in classes. The first people to get class dates started in August 2014, and I'm still seeing some of us getting dates into June this summer. Definitely don't make any changes to your current life. I actually quit my job and got...
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    Region Preference?

    That's what I was talking to my friends about the other day. The worst part about washing out here for me wouldn't be losing the chance at an incredible career, it's having to go home and tell all my family and friends that I fucked it up.
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    Are Any New Hires Going Straight to a TRACON?

    The way it works is you get randomly assigned terminal or en route. Literally they go down the referral list and number you 1/2/1/2/1/2. All the ones are terminal, the twos are enroute. They don't have a better way of doing it at this time. To go to a TRACON you must be terminal, and it just...
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    Region Preference?

    I took a leave of absence from my employer. If your company allows it, its the best thing you can do to ensure you'll have a job after the academy in the event that you don't make it. I guess it depends on your company. Mine is pretty relaxed in the sense that, after the academy I'll just call...
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    BED vs FAY

    Bedford is also a very nice area of the state. High cost of local living but you could live decently for much cheaper about 20-30 minutes away. BED is basically the corporate airport for Boston. Tons of mixed GA, no airlines though. BED is owned and operated by Massport, same company that runs...
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    Understaffed Facilities!

    The list I saw was the list we would have got if we were to graduate that day. Miami is understaffed but not as bad as most of the central region. And that's not true about region preference for the last two bids. All of the classes from the last bid had region preference up until about the last...
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    Understaffed Facilities!

    I saw the enroute list today. The rumors are true - region preference is no longer applied. Starting two weeks ago, all classes are now national. The majority of the enroute facilities are central region though. The highest priority seemed to be New York, Guam, Cleveland, Indy, Chicago, Houston...
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    The main reasons its so hard to staff is the cost of living, even on ATC salary. A lot of people get there and then want out because its too much. However, as people have stated, Nantucket is such a beautiful island, I spent almost every day off I had exploring there last summer. But as...
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    Any NEW Entry-level Dispatch Jobs Out There?

    Starting pay for flight followers is $16/hr. I'll find the benefits page when I get in and send it to you. I think they're good but I never used anything because I'm covered under all my parents insurance. Flight benefits with all the major carriers though, and I believe dispatchers can...
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    Any NEW Entry-level Dispatch Jobs Out There?

    What station are you at?