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  • Hey man I saw you were heading to D21. I am originally from Toledo and would love to end up at DTW or D21. Do you know if they are allowing VRA applicants or is it only CPC transfers?

    Have you started training at the facility yet? If so, how is it? How are the people and how is training going?

    Thanks for any info!
    The pv is still pass/pass...last I heard, they are looking to change it by the spring. As far as pointers go, I got nothin. Phraseology is important, and the trainers will pound it in your head through RTF. The airspace is simple. I'll be in TSEW next week friday, and I guess they increase the difficulty of the airspace in there. RTF is a good time, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. And the trainers say TSEW is a blast too. If you have any other questions let me know. I'll see you at the academy.
    I'm staying at FAA Stay N Save in Yukon at the academy. Planning on going to Detroit next week to look around at apartments. Will be looking in the Northville/Canton area. How about you?

    In OKC I'm staying at the Student Suites of Mustang...They are duplex/townhomes. You have the option to room with someone but I just chose to rent by myself. It is a really nice place. Mustang isn't too bad either, and the Academy isn't too far away. Probably about a 15 minute drive max. Once I get done with the Academy I'll probably rent at some sort of extended stay near DTW until I find a place to live around that area. You said Canton was nice, so that is an option. If you have any other suggestions for places to live in Michigan send them my way. Thanks.
    I've been trolling around on Stuckmic and noticed you're slated to head to the Academy in September and then headed to D21. I'm heading to D21 as well after the Academy, which I start on July 8th.

    Just sending a message to say good luck and I'll see you there towards the end of the year.

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