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    Question for current DOD?

    If you are in the IRR still can they not hire you? And as long as you have an honorable discharge you are good right?
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    Any more companies for ATC???

    I recently found out that I am also one of the suckers that has to wait until the next fiscal year for my job. Are there any more companies that offer ATC employment that I dont know about? I know that there is Serco, Midwest, RVA, KBR, Dyi, DOD (that's a slim chance), and of course the good old...
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    This might clear up some things, its what i aimed for.

    I pretty much agree. I have been waiting for about 11 months now and who knows how many more. Overall though this job is worth it and if you have another offer somewhere else that pays as well, has good benefits, and is just an enjoyable job that you can brag about than by all means take it. If...
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    Calling All US Army ATC

    I was also a 15Q for the Army but done with that for just about a year now. Waiting on my school date and was picked up CTO. I have a Hunter AAF GCA rating, Taji GCA, Liberty TWR CTO, and a whole list of useless Army equipment and training ratings. The Army did suck at times but if you have the...
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    Atlanta PEPC School Date

    I dont know. I live in Michigan and I thank I would have taken that notice.
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    Atlanta PEPC School Date

    I don't know why mine is so far away but it is what it is. I was told it was because of the faciltiy I am going to, DTW. She told me it all depends on that, your facility. Something is better than nothing I guess and I am still happy, well see how I feel in another month or so though.
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    Atlanta PEPC School Date

    Just wanted to post and see if anybody else has gotten anything. I went to the Atlanta PEPC back in August and just found out my school date today. I got a May 2010 Oklahoma date. Has anybody else from the Atlnata PEPC gotten anything?
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    CTO certificate

    Just wondering, did you get let go by the FAA?
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    RVA Openings?

    From what I have heard from my friend that went and worked with RVA and then went to DOD after about three days (it was that bad he said), you just pick your three and then when they e-mail or call you they will let you know if those three are available and if not tell you what is close to those...
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    TOL change, school news, job now.

    I really dont. I was also thinking maybe Robinson Aviation or something like that. I just dont like sitting idle for too long doing nothing. FAA says 6 months and next thing you know it's been a year.
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    TOL change, school news, job now.

    I had Lansing, MI for my TOL. E-mail this morning changing it to Detroit, MI. Called and was school date probably in six months or so. The main question I have is if I go and work for the DOD now as a controller and then give them the notice when I get the school date is that bad and something I...
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    Change in facility from tol

    I also got this e-mail this morning and my original TOL was for Lansing, MI and now they want me to go to Detroit, MI (murder city). I accepted and hopefully I will live to see retirement. haha
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    Lansing Tower - LAN

    Lansing Tower Just looking for any info since my TOL is for Lansing.
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    CTO question

    When I applied it was for a CTO, and VRA jobs. I still have not received anything from the VRA one but the CTO one responded pretty quick and got things rollling. I think I applied about March or so and right now I am just going to my PEP-C next week so make sure you plan with some waiting...
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    Jobs While Waiting.......

    Unemployed, renting my house in Georgia (couldn't sell without taking huge loss), and living with family until things kick off in Michigan.