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  • Two cannibals were eating a clown. One cannibal looks over to the other and says, "Does this taste funny to you?" :D eh? eh? Not funny? lol
    Hi, I just retired from FAA... was in Afgan for 2 months with Mid-West in the en-route. It did not work out for me and they had no other job when I lelt Jan 8th 2010. I am interested in this job can you help??? herbbrownjr@hotmail.com
    My old subordinate in the Air Force just separated and is looking for work. He doesn't want to go FAA, just DOD or contract overseas. Is the position in Kosovo still open? If so, can you give me some more information so I can pass it along to him?
    what kind of work schedule? how many working in the tower? is it open 24 hours? all men there?
    and this is strictly a helo base, correct? also, is there a rule that its not tax free until after 330 days out of the US? how does this work? do you get to come home for visits? sorry so many questions!
    thank you so much for the info...still new at the overseas stuff...can you give me an idea of the pay there please?
    please excuse my ignorance...what is KBR? how do i apply? i have 4 years military controller, 25 years FAA all level 5 (the busiest in the old days) and ATC-12's, and currently work for Midwest in a VFR Tower. when can i report?
    Thanks for the posting. I work as a controller now. Any contact (E-mail address etc) would be appreciated.
    Thank You
    Hey man. Opening? When? I'm currently in the Marines with a Terminal date in Aug. Too late? What's the pay like? I'm lookin at grabbin a spot overseas for a year or so for the money then come back to the states and await the FAA/DOD. Any info I can get would be great. I have 9 years of ATC experience with a CTO.
    Thanks for that. I checked the KBR website a few days ago. I don't think they had any ATC positions posted, but I'll keep looking. Did you go to Kosovo? If so, how was it and how much money were you making?
    wilco, thank you for putting in a word. I am so ready to leave this place it isn't even funny.
    Hey there, just talked with manager and as i stated in post..you need to go onto the RVA website and apply online and put greenville ms as a prefered location. you may also send an email directly to GLH manager Jim Dunn jdunn@ci2.com. please do not post this email public..he does not need a million people with silly questions emailing him. hope this helps..Rob
    I will get you manager's email address when i go into work tomorrow. (monday jan 18th).

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