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    Security Interview

    I worked in a Eastern European Muslim country for 4 years and they didn't bat an eye at my stuff. Like others have said, it's probably something with your dates of employment.
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    Monday is a holiday now

    Already got the money spent!
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    9/11 GI bill OJT pay

    Is anyone else having issues receiving their OJT benefits in a timely manner?
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    Academy to facility pay change

    I got my full pay rate while at the academy (CTO pickup) while CTI students got the lower rate....our facility doesn't have/use the D1 step so after I get done with LC I move into the D2 scale.
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    March '11 - Where are you

    At the academy now, finish up things next week (fingers crossed)...headed to TYS.
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    12/22/11 Tower Class

    Got my packet today...was just sitting on the front porch. :/ See you guys/gals soon...
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    12/22/11 Tower Class

    I believe if you have to pay out of pocket for an additional bag you can expense it, correct me if I'm wrong.
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    12/22/11 Tower Class

    WOOT! TRI, you'll be right down the road from me at TYS. I think there is one other person in our class that is going to TRI.
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    12/22/11 Tower Class

    Emails for what? EODS? My were going into the spam folder....
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    12/22/11 Tower Class

    RebeccaG, congrats on the class. You and I have a mutual friend that I work with now over here in Kosovo (DM). See you at OKC.
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    12/22/11 Tower Class

    There are two of them, I missed the first batch because they went into my spam folder. My HR Rep (CS) sent them again after an email asking.
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    12/22/11 Tower Class

    ZR - check your spam folder in addition to your inbox. That's where the emails were for me.
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    12/22/11 Tower Class

    I would imagine flying in/arriving on Dec 21 is okay.
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    email directory

    MJ there is a thread that specifically states do not post FAA employee names anywhere on SM.