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  • Send me a copy of your resume to jacamojoe@yahoo.com and I will give it a read, and forward you my thoughts and suggestions. I was picked up for a job in Japan, and will be leaving DoD/USAF for DoD/USMC with return rights back to here up to 5 years.
    gather your dd214 that says your released from active duty and wait for a VRA posting. After your online app is in go and fax your 214 to the ACD and just play the waiting game. Ive been trying for a while but heck if the FAA hires a real controller with a CTO over some kid off the streets..... venting sorry
    I am a former Marine, and I do work for the Air Force, but on the East Coast of Central FL in Cocoa Beach. The first thing I would suggest is that you get a killer resume, and then be very proactive in looking on USAJOBS for announcements, but when you go there and type in Air Traffic Control Jobs and hit enter, look over to the right, and select the option that says you decide which announcement you are eligible for. If you don't you might miss out on a job opening because it is a trick that managers are using to limit the number of applicants so that they can have a better shot of picking someone up they already have in mind.
    I won't lie to you, you have to start now and keep at it. Understand that if you want to go DoD you may have to go wherever hires you and work your way back, or if you are set on the Destin area you might have to go contract and work your way into DoD in that area by making some connections.
    Up in that area there is Hurlbert and Eglin and Tyndal.
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