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    Air Traffic Control Specialist - FAA-ATO-16-ATC-EXP-49432

    I'm still waiting on the VA and HQ Marine Corps to send Medical and Personnel records. I have a caseworker from my Congresswoman's office working on it now since I was not getting any responds or acknowledgements from either agency. I'll let you guys know if this helps.
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    April 28th Prior Experience Bid

    Who sent you the email to sign the release? I've been waiting months for something like this.
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    April 28th Prior Experience Bid

    I am, they told me they are waiting on military medical and personnel records, I told them I've requested them from the VA and NARA multiple times and the Government seems to have lost my records so I'm stuck.
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    Opening at MHV Tower ClancyJG

    Hey guys, there is a couple opening at MHV Tower working for ClancyJG The listing is here Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
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    Atc Recruiters for Contract Facilities

    ClancyJG is hiring a couple full time employees at MHV. just PM me if you want details.
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    Medical Disqualification - Any Hope?

    Wondering did you already hold a Class II, like you were working as a contractor? If you did does the medical disqualification stop you from being able to renew your Class II?
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    March 19th 2018 Prior Experience Bid Is Open

    Yea I show Referred for this one as well, no TOL, but I'm still waiting on my medical from the prior exp bid that closed in April last year....
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    April 28th Prior Experience Bid

    Never thought I would be so jealous to see such shitty lists.... :)
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    April 28th Prior Experience Bid

    Still nothing on the tier II, I think I'm going to enroll in law school, been putting my life on hold for too long.
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    April 28th Prior Experience Bid

    Just from what a few of my buddies in the FAA told me.
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    April 28th Prior Experience Bid

    Well I got word that I failed the MMPI-2 so they told me I'm in a long wait for that... probably another 6-12months, this is getting pretty ridiculous, apply for a position in April of 2017 and not get properly hired until late 2018 or 2019.
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    April 28th Prior Experience Bid

    How did you get into contact with medical?
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    SBP- San Luis Obispo

    SBP Has a pretty high turnover rate, they used to be PATCO union, but not anymore. The manager there is relatively new, hes a cool guy, better then most. They have alot of IFR days. It gets pretty busy sometimes. They do a few scheduled air carrier ops and alot of things like TBMs and PC12s...
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    April 28th Prior Experience Bid

    I wouldn't count on it, I imagine everyone is on vacation, maybe a few days after new years, I was looking at the FAA placement list for December 2017 and there were a few prior experience spots being taken not sure if it was from our bid or the previous one though.