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  • It is if you are already a CPC from what I understand. I report to PHL on December 4th...area A. When do you show up and what area?
    I am OTS with Vet Pref....I'm hoping I get to the Academy sometime this year! I'm Originally from California, born and raised.....such a beautiful place, sure do miss it!! I was in the Marine Corps for 5 years and was stationed in PA, met my husband out here on the East Coast (he's from NJ) and we ended up settling here in Southern Jersey. How is it up in North Jersey? I hear it's pretty expensive up there?
    Hi, my name is Niki and I noticed in one of the threads, you had stated that you worked at MMU. I am still going through the hiring process, waiting for my FOL, but was told that I am slotted for MMU. I just wanted to know what your experience was like working there, and if you have any adivice you'd like to share. Thanks!
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