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    Pennsylvania PHL

    PHL - Facility Swap Request
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    Swap Request - SJU - Anyone Interested in Coming Here?

    Put in your ERR request to PHL if you have not already. Only ONE person from an "eligible" (cat 1 or 2) made the list this cycle. You will be picked up.
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    Charlotte Tower/TRACON - CLT

    Re: Charlotte CLT Long time coming, the only other level 12 combined facilities use this "split" method.
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    03/28/2012 rtf

    Anyone got this class date?
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    The ATC Privatization Debate?

    He's a republican tea-bagger, they HATE LABOR, HATE UNIONS, HATE Regulation...... The American Worker and America. Any questions?
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    Got welcome package today!!!!

    Got welcome package today!!!!
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    Operational Assessment for A80

    N90 is taking anyone with a pulse. They wash 80%. Thats why they had the 27k PCS rolling bid that just expired.
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    Sup man, headed to PHL next month, do you know if RTF is still pass/pass?

    Sup man, headed to PHL next month, do you know if RTF is still pass/pass?
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    Drunk Controller

    You said it would go out as a warning. Controllers don't need warnings, we know the rules. Management has not enabled anything. They are finally playing by the rules. Endorsing a collaborative effort at long last. There are still some older guys left over that are not embracing this...
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    Drunk Controller have no idea what you are talking about. They have been random testing for quite a while. One person fails the test, so the entire workforce must suffer? Your inflammatory statements are not funny nor relevant. Just like you.
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    Drunk Controller

    Leaking the story DID NOT help anyone. If he is guilty, he would be punished regardless. All this did was harm the public trust.
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    Drunk Controller

    Yes. If you use mouthwash, then immediately use a breathalizer its possible to have a BAC of .02. Thats legal.
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    Drunk Controller

    Only like 5% of people on here a controllers.
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    Drunk Controller

    .08 is only for driving. He won't get fired if this is a 1st offense. I'd like to know who leaked the story. Let alone all the others. Political agenda.
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    2010-2012 Pay Scales

    Paybands are accurate, locality pay is key. D3 band is 75,469 basic. With 14.16 locality thats 86,155. With no differentials 3,313 Gross. Then you have Fed inc tax, Social Security, union dues, state tax, medicare tax, tsp, FERS, health insurance, life insurance. A rough net would be...