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    Do You Have to Use a Radar ID Method if You Terminate Radar but Never Lose Radar?

    Scenario: You vector N123FU for an ILS to an airport where you have radar coverage to the "ground" . When completing the approach he wants to stay with the tower for a couple patterns and then come back to you for another ILS. 20 minutes go by and N123FU never Coast/Suspends and calls you up on...
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    So Cal TRACON - SCT

    Does SCT still pick up ERR's? I know there was a bid out last month but do they just fill up all the spots with bids or is there a chance at getting picked up with an ERR? I would have applied for the bid but I didnt get CPC till a week after it closed
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    Did anyone get the Bonus?

    Was wondering if anyone who applied under the March 2010 announcment ever got the bonus after the revised TOL or FOL. Im tring to work with my union rep to see if I'm able to claim it. Any info on the matter is appreciated.
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    SRS/Wake Turbulence Separation Help

    Large/Heavy S na/2nw C na/2nw O 3w/3nw I 3w/3nw w-waiverable, nw-non waiverable
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    Can you ask for a Re-Direct?

    Monica??? I think I saw your name on the list for GCN!
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    07/14/2011 rtf

    Yeah im staying at Kims place she already sent me an invoice to turn in. Where are you looking at staying at?
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    07/14/2011 rtf

    Congrats! Got mine on monday also going to E10
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    usmc atc ? please read

    yup worked on jets or something like that
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    07/14/2011 rtf

    Same here June 10.. He said something about 6 spots open but I think he meant the class. Call your rep and ask them again
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    07/14/2011 rtf

    SCT...they said if I wanted to stay in San diego id have about a two year wait..hell na I can try and get rated in that time somewhere else
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    07/14/2011 rtf

    Got word last week...took a redirect to e10 see you there
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    So Cal TRACON - SCT

    Yeah im VRA got a TOL but wont be going to SCT anytime soon!! anybody else so how long have you been waiting for?? SCT only by the way
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    Got it..thanks man!

    Got it..thanks man!
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    So Cal TRACON - SCT

    Appreciate the info radium
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    March AFB...Again?

    Nothing yet... I talked to AFPC also and they said that something should update by the 19th...looking more likely to be stuck in AZ for a couple more months