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  • Well, 4 years in the Agency. Started with Andrews Tower. Then on to BWI Tower. Now I'm a sup at Youngstown, OH tower/tracon. Life's good. You should jump ship for the FAA. They ain't so bad.
    it is i mr korom! where are you at now? i'm stuck in a dod job that i've been in the last 6 years. ready to move on to something new.
    This is the man you dumped M55 and M95 on! Actually it's nice to get out for the day sometimes!
    Jerkof on the face? When will you be doing that? Is that on your next mid shift? Monday tuesday off... ewe! I HAD that sched once but now i'm off Sat and Sun without mids. LOL Muahahaha!:dirtbike:
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