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  • Hi Kim,
    I have a class date of 1/24 for tower basics. My wife and 2 children will be coming out with me. Could you message me details about family rates? Also, do you allow pets? We would likely be bringing my 3 (small) dogs. They are crate trained and house broken.

    Brandon Weikle
    Hi Kim, I have a class date of 11/19 for terminal basics. I was hoping to book a room with you for my stay at the $33/day special you are currently having for the students. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much.

    Clint Bartek
    Hello I have a class date of Jan 4th and i have been looking around and am impressed with your reviews and would like to know what i need to do to reserve a master bedroom. if i go with the food package what does that include? are meals provided or food provided? i am a Chef so not to worried about buying or making my own food just curious about my options
    hi Kim my name is eric haddock. i am staying at winchester run and was thinking of moving to your location if you would please give me a call this evening i have a few questions i would like to go over with you. thank you eric
    Hey Kim,

    Just wanted to verify if my family can check in on the 21st for the 23rd class. Do we just come directly to the complex when we get there or how does that work?

    Hey Kim, I just got my phone call and will be starting at the academy on 4/30. I am waiting on my paperwork before I book with you but wanted to see what the availabiliy was like to make sure I can get a room! My friend is there now and I think she may already have two roomates :( but if not I would like to room with her.

    Thanks, Tasha H.
    Hello Kim,
    I received a class date on March 12. I am interested in staying at your place but I need family housing. I was wondering if you had anything available during that time. Thank you,
    Samantha Jewels
    Thanks Kim, Yeah it happened a little over three weeks ago. Major bummer, I really liked my class and instructor. I still cannot walk, but hopefully within a month I will be able to. My mom came up for my surgery so I am in good hands, thanks for the concern though!!!....
    Hi Kim,
    I will be in class 6/7/2011 and very interested staying with you? Not sure about the meal package or not. What should I do to get this ball rolling? I am currently in Iraq until near my class date so its really an obstacle trying to get anything moving. Anything I can do to move forward is a help.

    Thanks -Ron C.
    Hi there my fellow buddies from ZOA have stayed with you recently...Sweyn Nelson, Chirs Padilla, and Stuart Hocking. I have an Academy date from 03/23/11 to 05/12/11 and am contacting you first looking for a place to stay w/o food package. Your help would be appreciated!
    Hey Kim, long time :)

    Might be heading your way again some day, and if I do, knowing the competition.. i'll be staying with you this time.

    Happy Holidays!

    Hello Kim. I am praying, crossing digits, kissing rabbits foot and talking to Ms. Cleo in the hopes that I'll be selected for the 9/23 rtf. I got a bit snagged up on some of my security/medical, but all should be well by the end of next week. I plan to be contacting you soon to solidify my housing assignment!
    Hey Kim. I want to stay with you if I ever get my FOL! I've had my TOL since April 09, so mabe i'll make it up there soon. Do you stay pretty filled up?
    Hey, Kim, I PROMISE your review is coming soon. I just never imagined I'd be so busy studying! Haha. Anyway, for anyone viewing this and wondering about Kim's Place, STAY THERE! It's awesome!
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