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  • The weather is for sure not the best. It is extremely cold for about 2-3 weeks in the winter and extremely cold up there is about -20 to -30 degrees. You for sure get used to it and it is not too bad. The college itself allows for pretty close parking for all the aviation classes, the other classes on campus you may need to walk a bit to, but there are underground tunnels to get through some of it. Snow wise, you get very little big snow events, but the snow never melts, so if you get an inch or so every time it snows it stays around. Probably a foot of snow on the ground by the end of the winter. When it gets really cold it is actually too cold to snow!
    The city itself is about 50,000 people. The downtown night life is a blast, then there is sporting events football, hockey that keep everyone well occupied during the winter. Cabs are very cheap like $2 anywhere you want to go as a student.
    let me know if you have any other specific questions.
    Hey klkm watsup...currently i am at daniel webster college and am definitely looking to transfer. UND seems like the perfect school for atc except possibly the location?? Could u give me a personal review of the weather and how it is up in north dakota because i am a little hesitant about the extreme cold and snow even though i am from massachusetts. thnx
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