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    Job Placement question related to Facility rankings

    I think when applying through CTI you can only choose 2 states, unlike OTS where you can choose states as well as terminal or enroute.
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    Yeah, I figured it was someone from class. This site isn't too bad. Alot of info, most of it is...

    Yeah, I figured it was someone from class. This site isn't too bad. Alot of info, most of it is bullshit though. I'm glad class was cancelled too. It wasn't looking like we were going to get alot of snow.
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    Whats up??

    Whats up??
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    Charleston - CHS

    Hello, Just curious if anyone on the board works at CHS? I have some questions. PM me. Thanks, Ken
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    FY 2011 budget

    Yeah I figured money wouldn't come out of that 1.1B for NEXGEN for hiring. I wasn't really sure how much was dedicated to hiring. I did see that the total was 16.5B for the FAA. I was hoping for a glimmer of hope for FY2011 hiring. Its funny, I can see Cedar Point from my house and I never go...
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    FY 2011 budget

    I noticed the FAA has a link on their website about getting 1.1B for the NEXGEN program. Just curious how much of this money is for future hiring? Any ideas?
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    CCBC Roommate

    Hello, I attend CCBC currently and will graduate in August. I'm not sure if you spoke with Jim Scott yet or have visited the school but in the Aviation building there is a bulletin board in the lounge and I'm sure if you ask they will post your info to say you are looking for a roommate...
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    Columbus Tower - CMH

    I took a tour of CMH a week ago. They said they aren't getting anyone else this year. They have 14 trainees right now. I believe 16 are eligible for retirement. No word on combining facilities.
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    How old are most of you on SM?

    28- PUBNAT 2, 7, 8. Now CTI at CCBC.
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    Don't want to scare anybody- but Hiring Freeze? Confirmed/Unconfirmed?

    I'm currently in CTI school and graduating in August 2010, I'll be 29 at that point. Hopefully I'll be ok. Anyway...FWIW I took two tours over my break, one at a level 9 Tower/TRACON and the other at a Center. Both were pretty well staffed. At the Tower, they said they weren't getting anyone...
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    2 year programs

    Hello, I'm currently going to CCBC now. I lived at York Square for the Fall semester, however I only lived 2.5 hrs away and was only taking one class two days a week on campus. I got out of my lease. I lived in a studio, it was $440.00 a month plus utilities. With cable, water & sewer, and...
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    Mansfield ATCT - MFD

    Re: KMFD - FAA Mansfield ATCT I've flown in there many times. It's a huge airport but not very busy at all. The majority of the traffic is GA and Military since they have a guard base with C-130's. They are Class D and I know they have approach control and radar services. All of the controllers...
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    CCBC & Private Pilot's License

    I started CCBC this past summer. I did the "ghost student" thing for private pilot and then actually started taking classes in the fall. I only had to take ATC III and Logic in the fall. Non-radar in the spring and radar in the summer. Then graduate. I actually applied right before if not after...
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    ATC vs Pilot medical

    Excellent, Thank You. Ken
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    ATC vs Pilot medical

    Hello, I was working as a commercial pilot for the last 5 years so I have always had just a first class medical. I quit my flying job in August and am currently going to ATC school. My medical expires this December. My question is: I will need to get an ATC medical however, I'm a CFI and...