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  • Apparently we got on our TOL's on the same day. Friday 27th when I got mine. I found out you took your psych test a few hours before me when the guy mentioned a girl who took it before me who was also going to ZDC. lol I got everything done except the EQIP yesterday. Hopefully things are going well for you! Good luck and keep me updated on your status. I hear that we won't be getting a class date until at least FY 2013 :(
    Hey I was just checking in to see where you're at? I got the initial paperwork for everything but haven't heard much more. Let me know!
    hey, saw you following the ZDC thread. grats on getting picked. we need people bad. feel free to ask any questions about the process or ZDC in general.
    I am a developmental at ZDC right now. got here in Aug '11. this place rules (great training department and union reps).
    That's awesome that you got your interview! I might just have to call them directly. What number did you call if you don't mind my asking? The HR in OK is just the person who I first had email contact with when they notified me about the interview. Keep me posted on what steps they have you doing next so I know what to expect. lol
    We had several classes together and even took the ATSAT together. That's pretty cool that I'll at least know somebody at Leesburg. I am still waiting on an interview date but I'm on a week to week phone call basis with the HR rep in OK. What's your status?
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