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    Short Term Lodging

    Any hotels or places still charging the short term rate and including a car rental? I'll be headed back soon for 11 days.
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    Buffalo Tower/TRACON - BUF

    Re: KBUF - Buffalo Tower/TRACON Still need info? Inbox me.
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    Tower class schedule question

    Your facility is listed on your FOL. You know the type of facility before you get to the Academy, so you know if you're EnRoute or Terminal.
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    tattoos/okc in the summer!

    Mike, you done with the tower?
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    Academy Pay (not counting per-diem) and travel reimbursement

    If your FOL says $17,000 per year and it includes locality, then: $17,000/26 pay periods= $653.84 gross per pay period If you need to adjust your W-4 so very little (or no) tax is withheld, then do so. You can also look at Health Insurance options on the OPM website to determine how much your...
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    is it possible to never get hired for no reason?

    Were they chosen for the same state(s) you picked? The hiring need of facilities vary.
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    Thanks, and see ya.

    Hopefully the slackers will start to pay it forward. 1,000+ posts and haven't helped one single person with an honest or accurate answer. Hope to see ya around soon, Ross. smh. Do what you must.
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    Failing the PV

    PM Ross about the dude who walked out on his Tower PV. He just got real frustrated or something and didn't finish. I thought I read on here somewhere that he reapplied. I believe he was OTS, can't be for certain.
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    need your hair didd in OKC?

    I don't understand why everyone's so angry on a Friday???
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    Travel Reimbursement

    You get paid whatever is advantageous to the gov't. Scenario 1 flying- Roundtrip airfare: $800 driving- 2,200 miles roundtrip x $0.555 per mile = $1,221 It's advantagous for the gov't to pay you $800 if you want to drive. You will not get the mileage amount. You will not get any hotel...
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    Travel Reimbursement

    "You may submit your initial travel reimbursement voucher 15 days after arriving at the Academy and monthly thereafter" Air Traffic Control Specialist (ATCS) New Hire Information
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    FAA class dates catalog

    Then that's your answer. You're asking a bunch of other applicants to give you a firmer timeline than HR? Come on. I understand you need to pass the time by because of the long wait, but let's be intelligent here. Just like EmTee said, people have waited anywhere from 1 month to 3.5 years for...
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    OKC interview

    Do some reading about the hiring process on this website. There are plenty of stickies and threads where you can self educate. From what I understand, the interview is just a formality. You must actually get to that step to show a little relief. Your state selection will play a significant role...
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    Health Insurance Options

    DODO_STNX, congrats! I didn't know you had a class date; good luck!