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  • Congrats on passing your PV!! I haven't been skiing for awhile, not enough of money or time at the moment, but as you'll find out Eldora is the closest, but you can get some colorado passes that give you access to multiple ski resorts, if I had the means that's what I would get.
    Hey Lady! Officially I live in Berthoud, but I'm almost closer to Longmont than Berthoud. Only about 5-10 min from ZDV. I did grow up in L-town so if you want any recommendations for anything I might be able to help. Do you know anyone out here? and how many ZDV students were in your class?
    I.... think I hate you. no, no I don't. i'm happy for you. what I AM hoping for is someone to drop out of your basics class and they call me. by the way, Congrats!
    Nice! So you'll be here in good old L-Town soon? When do you start at the academy? I'm still waiting on a start date.
    gotchya! i actually will be headed to zdv. assuming of course that i don't get redirected somewhere. are you in the acadamy yet or have a date?
    haha, glad you figured out the messages thing. Go into FAA ASAP online thinger and click applications... actually, it won't be up there anymore since it's been over a year (mine was removed a few days ago)... oh ok here we go.. look back in your emails for your geo pref email... It will say what application announcement you applied for on the second line. Will look like this.. AAC-AMH-08-PUBNAT6-1076...
    Ha! I also like to fall through wooden tables... I called just now and have everything in and the lady said I am just waiting on a class date. So that is some sort of good news. Hopefully they will give me an earlier class date by accident... just saying... hahahaha. I am pubnat6, what about you? RdRunnr and ATCtower are also going to ZDV and we plan on hitting the slopes in the winter so maybe we can all go.
    hello, welcome aboard. Im going to ZHU as well, but class Nov5th. so i will only be a month ahead of you. Good luck and hope to meet you soon.
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