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  • Im actually from Northern, Ca. Lived there until I was 10, then moved to FL, grew up there. Then got hired OTS for NJ. Cost of living is outrageous, more than half the facility drives from PA. About 60-90 min commute. I despise everything about NJ, except for the job and who I work with.
    MMU is a great 1st facility. I got here in 09/2008, and have been certified for 18 months. This is a very training friendly facility. We are slated to get 8 new people this year from either new hires or washouts from higher facilities. Almost half our people are eligible to retire. I am currently bidding out to other facilities. Just want to get to California or Florida. Good luck, just concentrate on doing well at the academy. Are you CTI, OTS, VRA?
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