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  • hey LB...sorry i don't get to log on here a lot. me & another guy in ZFW who supposedly got picked up never got the actual offer...i guess it fell through. I'm gonna try again maybe in a year or so and hopefully get picked up.
    The END of March!?! lol, I was hoping like next week! :) Thanks for dropping me a note though. It's cool to hear from someone else who is going through this. :) What states did you apply for? I'm still in the Navy right now but I'll be getting out real soon. I'm trying to get to Michigan but the more I read about the hiring process, the more hopeLESS I get, lol. Anyways, I'll be stalking my ASAP and STUCKMIC accounts daily until I hear something. Were you AF?
    if u log on ne time soon, i jus wanted to say hey trying to get to know someone from cali that is in the same boat as me! well hey
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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