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lingerie manufacturer

HE’S young, lingerie manufacturer happily married and represents pretty much everything his predecessor doesn’t.
But that hasn't stopped criticisms flying wholesale bikinis against Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi who has been accused of appointing female ministers based purely on their looks.

Renzi, 39, who stormed to power in underwear manufacturer February after leading an internal party coup, formed a government of mainly younger MPs, with half of his 16 member cabinet being women.

But the high proportion of young Wholesale Plus Size Lingerie and seemingly attractive MPs have sparked accusations from within his own Democratic Party that he appointed women based purely on their looks.

Party stalwart Rosy Bindi said she believed some of the ministers were chosen because they are young and good-looking, UK newspaper reported.

The same accusations were levelled against Berlusconi, who not only appointed former glamour model Mara Carfagna as government spokesman, but also surrounded himself with young, beautiful women.

Berlusconi, 77, was also infamous for his sexists gaffes and his all-night 'bunga bunga' parties with underwear models.

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