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  • No offense meant, but I'll hold off on revealing my Networking sources/facility until FOL. Don't want anything potentially negative getting back to my contact (who has been Priceless)! This is a delicate balancing act, and I simply won't gamble the opportunity. Once I'm in, I will be glad to share names, sources, etc!
    Hello! Yes, so far I've survived the cut, but time will tell.
    I have 18 years as an FAA 2152, CPC at an ARTCC, ATCT, TRACON; FLM, Staff Specialist, and I work for a safety contractor supporting the FAA.
    I did network. I don't think that hurts at all.
    I think it is very important to spend time at your facilities of choice and develop a reputation with management as being very pleasant and respectful. Most managers are old-school, so i think it helps to do things like send a note to thank them for their time and to thank them for considering your application. Really, these are pretty simple ideas. I hope they work for us both!
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