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  • Bwahahaha. I thought you were busy with your ninito lately, sorry.

    So hey, I was in MCO for the past two weeks, doing initial training for them, and surrounded by puertoricans. It was great. I felt at home.

    Totally unrelated... I saw this commercial on the way back. You ever seen this? It blew my freaking mind. YouTube - Optimum Triple Play Commercial [Reggaeton]
    okay, well you gotta tell my your face book address! and i was in the chat room the other day, ill start popping in there more often.
    I love your cockatoo. I have an african grey. She's 9 now. My family had a moluccan when I was young, but he proved to much for us to handle (we were about the fifth family that had him).
    Hey there!! I was just curious, How long did it take for you to receive an email after applying for PUBNAT 1? I applied for PUBNAT 8 and took the AT-SAT last july? Mahalo!
    You seem to know a lot about the ASAP system. I have put my application on there back in May or June and I was wondering if you could lend a hand?
    Hey thanks in advance. Ok here we go; how hard is it to get a job of the street? When will it be announced for this 2010 year? What are the steps, like apply online and they do they let you take a test? what kind of test is it hard? how many tests are there? then what........do they do the background and medical test before the test or after everything is done? I hope this is not too much for you. I just wanna learn cause I definitely want to be an ATC!!!
    What happened when you turned down a location? I also turned down an offer. They offered me DAY then said there was no more slots for that location then offered me BIS I turned that down. I called HR to see if I will get offered another location and she said. "I'll have to wait for things to settle and see if anyone else turns down an offer". (this was my app. With pubnat2) I now have a app. In for pubnat8 in hopes it will double my chances. I'm just curious what HR has told you about turning down an offer? Since it sounds we're both in the same situation. Thanks in advance

    Hey, seems you know the deal with NY. I was wanting to list NY as my second Geo Pref. ZNY or N90, wondering if you knew the hiring situation, or just heard something...
    are you going to leesburg? or are you waitign for something else? also sis you choose enroute or did they just pick you up for a center?...i would like to get a female perspective so if you hav time...let me know :)
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