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  • I have seen a couple post from you and I was wondering if you can help me. I just took the AT-SAT on October the 28th. I received my test score last week. I haven't heard anything else yet. I am wondering what the nest steps are. Some people have told me I have to wait and I will be contacted to select the Geographical location. It has already been a couple weeks since I took the AT-SAT. Is this normal? Is there anything that I am supposed to do besides wait?
    People on here are such douchenozzles.

    I srsly had two idiots giving me the third degree on here yesterday, saying that they wouldn't want an ex-drug "addict" to be controlling next to them.
    I think you're the only one who got the curandero thing. I think Latinos are gonna be in a minority in ATC... that's okay, if you're anywhere around where I am, we can speak in our secret second language around the gabachos.
    sry jackass i've been busy being bored in okc.

    radar's fuuuuuuuuuuun. until they start flashing like christmas lights. that's bad...
    LOL, I turn my head and the headline on CNN is,

    WTF, I go in the chatroom and you leave.
    Meh, big dogs can be awesome, as long as you have the right environment for them, and don't mind investing the time to give them the exercise and structure they need.
    I hate walking outside and the air feeling like I've been hit by a ton of bricks.

    Get this: In March, in Vegas, my Husband and I were outside by the pool. I never even needed a coat, the entire time I was there. A sweater in the morning after a rain -- yes, but NO JACKET. Fucking awesome. All of the mountains were covered in snow, and yet there I was in a tank top.
    Btw, do you know anyone who works at ISP?

    I am getting a pic taken of my plane when I arrive in Vegas, and was thinking I'd like to get one of my plane leaving Islip.
    Haha, I put that one up, after Raydon removed my prior one and put up one from Brokeback Mt. I figured it fit the whole gay theme.

    Ugh, it was humid and hot as fuck out yesterday, wasn't it? I can't get off LI fast enough.
    Your countrymen make such gay, but catchy music:

    YouTube - Eddy Herrera - Ajena
    You are so correct about females in this career-field!! I did it in the air force, and all of us female types were very strange indeed, I loved it, kindred spirits and all that. Every guy that I've dated that wasn't a controller or in the military really didn't understand me, but fuck it I didn't care...LOL
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