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  • Chick I adore those demented furry little fuckers!!!!! LMAO I too hang with nothing but dudes, it's always great to at least find another girl who is on the same wavelength!!!! I shock them a lot of times with the shit I come up with, it's great, and I'm not talking about the once a month womanly habits either, cause that is just too easy. I'm no novice in the shock department my friend:jester: Yo, do you have myspace or facebook? You should look me up, I'll pm you the info:drinks:
    It's from the snl video clip, "Jizz In My Pants!" :jester: It is fan-fing-tastic!!! Here is the link to watch, I suggest watching it at once that way you are beyond cool, like myself!!!!

    Hulu - Saturday Night Live: Digital Short: J*** in My Pants

    I also suggest watching the video about a boat:hurray:

    Hulu - Saturday Night Live: Digital Short: I'm On A Boat
    I see you forgot to add Ground Control under your movie preferences...:rotf:
    That's intense. Good luck. It sounds like it'd be a great job to have... I hope you'll keep us up to date with it, I'm interested in seeing how it goes.
    Hey Rosey Poo. I'll take some pics but we were told to be careful with cameras in the classroom so you'll get non classroom and non academy pics probably hahaha. I never bring my camera when we go out...but i'll try to remember to.
    Yahoo's easier -- do you use that?
    Hey, sorry about that.

    I'll be back in chat in a bit.
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