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  • edited for being a dick, guess you chapped my ass severely years ago. i remember having a few petty disagreements when i had no life and sat on stuckmic. I hope life is beautiful and wish you and yours the best in life. much love and respect.
    I read one of your post about meeting John Mica at MCO...that's where I you work upstairs or in the tracon?
    I applied back in july of 09, right before I got out of the navy. Got seleceted in the October Panels. TOL in March '10. Got a call from HR a couple of weeks agoand she said she is placing me in the JAn 10th class. Waiting on the FOL (expecting it first week of Dec). And Im going to CRP (Corpus Christi, TX). What about you?
    Hey man when did u get picked up for LA and do u know any time frame on how fast they will get u down to OK ? I'm on Californias referral list right now .. thanks.
    Haha, youre just jealous. Idk how I got so many views? Weird. And I liked your post. People need to quit whining about how long they may have to wait...they're annoying because they have no idea.
    I've got the job, no reason for me to keep looking. Go to JetBlue | Airline Tickets, Flights, and Airfare, click on Work Here down below. Sign up for the email updates, since some listings can be up as short as 3 days (although usually just the pilot ones).

    They're still hiring for some seasonal stuff, although you only get the JetBlue flight benefits for those. Still, if you're in the MCO area, you can get a lot of places off of that -- a lot more than the three you can fly to from here. Since I don't get to do OAL stuff as a seasonal, I'm screwed. It's Long Beach or it's devoting two full days to get somewhere and back.
    Your profile is such a friggin' headache. It's like you let a schizophrenic pick the colors.
    I read your post about the Stuckmic "Clicks"..hilarious and accurate. VRA, with the experience, are rightly the bullies. OTS are the quiet smart kids, and CTI are unfortunately the teacher's pets. Seems like everyone without an OKC date is getting the shaft! WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER
    If I can eBay/Craigslist it, I'll take it.

    I feel your pain. I'm getting close on jetBlue. The guy who's been doing my background check is incompetent; I think I'd be there by now if I had someone with two brain cells to rub together handling my case. He's called my twice thinking I was two different employers and lost at least one fax.

    ...wait a minute. I think this guy works for HR!

    In other news... I've got another All You Can Jet pass for when they do it again this year (probably Sep-Oct again). With a wait that may extend as late as 2012 -- or later -- I'm thinking that maybe I'll go for some sort of world record. Suggestions?
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