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  • Oh yeah, uh, "congratulations" on your 1,000 post milestone. You're now in an elite club of people with too much time on their hands. A form for you to submit your dues is in the mail.
    Oh, man, I knew what it meant after all.

    These panels have been weird... I'm never really sure how representative SM is of the application base as a whole, but it seems like a lot of VRAs were overlooked. I really can't figure out the reasoning behind that one. Usually the SM hivemind can at least take a stab at it, but... this one's a mystery.

    It's clearly the OTS folks fault, though.

    Hey, remember the guy who got on that thing with you and hamburgers? I miss him. Wish he'd come back.
    Haha... I forgot all about that. I'm gonna start doing that again when we get A. Another OTS-CTI debate B. Another VRA guy with an attitude or C. Another angry Union diatribe.

    BTW, what's diatribe mean?
    Amen. I'd rather be one of those guys pushing the wheelchairs that can barely speak English than bagging produce. What did you apply to?
    hey lunch, school is going well, i wish i had some good news for all my padre's out there. we pv on april 5th...! i cannot wait. it is really sad because many many instructors are being laid off, i'll be learning from one one day, and the next day he'll come in and say, well this is my last day...or this is my last class. my only advice is don't give up, and stay under thirty one. not everyone passes though. it's crazy, tower and 1 to 3 people don't make it everysingle class. sorry i'm babbling, but i'm a chick and i'm allowed...:p
    I told you people would be getting notified today. Too bad it wasn't the notification they were looking for. Last prediction, I promise. They are going to fill that 1/20/10 class with ZDV students! Hahaha, lol, rofl.
    What a good man!
    There's what, 5/6 of us on here? Seems like it's almost a guarantee that we're on the list. Well, nothings a guarantee, but I like our odds!
    Where did those hiring numbers come from? I've been freaking out all day....did you see another en route class was cx'd today?
    South Korea. Same place, I think.

    Only went in McD's once, and it was disappointingly similar. The ones I been to in Japan and Venezuela had at least some local variations, but I don't recall seeing a single thing different in the Korean ones.

    BUT. There was this fast food chain called Lotteria (Japanese, incidentally) that looked similar to McD's inside and out... except the food was so, so bizarre. Burgers, still, but they'd have patties made of cheese and they'd top it with squid and broccoli and stuff. It was... awful.
    Ski trip. yes. Feb/March for classes or getting a date. I told Brian of your predictions for last week. You let me down.
    What's up, slut? You ready for your ski trip? They just got hammered with snow.

    ZOA is getting class dates, I have a strong feeling Feb/March will be our month.
    Yeah, what date does yours have? Mine has July 15th.

    I would like dos xx's and a bottle of Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix.
    What a whore! Really though, I'll bet a beer or 6 that at least one person will announce a new class date assignment by the end of the week.
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