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    Statement from FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt about sleeping controllers

    what about everyone that's fallen asleep over the past decades? so reactionary. the FAA should have worked on this long ago. maybe THEIR schedules are causing fatigue. just saying. kbye. :patriot:
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    texas sucks... whats your point?

    texas sucks... whats your point?
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    JFK Ground Collision

    yeah, that CRJ got whipped around so damn hard... How did no one get hurt? Well, to add to that, there's a great reason why you stay in your seat until at the gate. By that point I would have undone my seatbelt. Serious injury for this lil' fella!
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    Government Shutdown Effects

    thats also what an instructor said... hope it's true. well. hope the shutdown doesn't happen.
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    New Study Finds 1 in 5 Washes

    oooOOOOooOOOooooOOoOOOooooOOOOooo send me brownies! I will make sure you dont wash!
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    New Study Finds 1 in 5 Washes

    Yay! Have a good weekend! :patriot: 1 in 5 air traffic control trainees washes out - Travel - News -
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    Basics Test

    its just based on stuff you cover in class. all multiple choice. i got a 92, 92, 89, 95. studied the night before. dont worry about it.
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    October Panel TOLs

    just have the paperwork they require you to complete once you get your FOL done and show up. drink lots of coffee or soda because it's boring. when they ask who's heard of StuckMic... don't raise your hand. it'll save your identity... for that day. haha inside joke don't laugh. kbye.
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    March Panels 2011 - When will I be notified?

    to add to that freakishly real nightmare is the fact that you have to see Rosstafari and I everyday... sorry.
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    Anyone else catch this today?

    taken at the academy in the stafford building. :-)
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    6/10/2011 enroute basics

    Re: 6/10/11 enroute basics don't count on a bump up in class date.
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    Bad Hiring News

    i personally dont see any harm in getting an update. a call isn't necessary but if it's bothering you then they are there to answer any questions.
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    Bad Hiring News

    hmmm... i'd call. you'd get an answer faster.... if they answer. :patriot:
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    Bad Hiring News

    you say that now... :-)