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    CTO Exam, Prior Controller

    You don't have to retake the test. If I remember correctly those of us who already had CTOs just went to another room and studied or went and took care of in-processing type stuff at Student Services (setting up TSP, IRAs, etc) while others took the test.
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    The PV As We Know It May Dead

    I was at a NATCA meet & greet with the VP a couple months ago...she said the FAA was planning on giving students around 3 days to make their decision & NATCA was trying to push that number closer to 7 days since it's such a big decision/moving/etc. She didn't mention when students would be given...
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    TOL Swap Map

    The google map of facilities has ORF at the correct was downgraded to an 8 last year.
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    Who Do I Call to Get Driving Reimbursed?

    Ah worries man.
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    Who Do I Call to Get Driving Reimbursed?

    Try calling Student Services. You'll actually be reimbursed the cheaper option between the flight and driving. I believe the driving cost is based on .56¢/mi. Keep in mind if you do drive, based on your estimates, it'll cost you $1200 round trip but if the flight ends up being cheaper, you'll...
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    Pay at the FAA Academy

    You'll get AG pay + locality as VRA at the academy. My checks were a little over $1,000/check after health insurance, TSP, etc. The per diems are filed once a month and are separate from the regular pay checks. I think the full per diem went up a few bucks for '14...around $95/day. If you stay...
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    01/09/2014 rtf

    Re: 1/9/2014 RTF Class Not sure if it's for current employees or new hires...I'd assume that it's just for current employees since I was told they were working their way through the RTF backlog from the shutdowns. Im just there for RTF, no TSEW for me.
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    01/09/2014 rtf

    Re: 1/9/2014 RTF Class In this class as well....checked out in the tower at the beginning of July. Can't wait for the shutdown to send us home after Week 1...haha.
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    12/4/2013 RTF Class

    I'm hearing the same thing. I was scheduled for the Nov 14th class but found out yesterday I got bumped out of it due to the shutdown. Only word I got from the ATM was that it was looking like I'd most likely be going in January.
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    RTF Anyone??????

    I was told I was in the Nov 14 class before the shutdown but haven't heard if that's changed due to cancelled classes.
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    I'm Really Starting to Dislike FAA HR

    We had 18 in our terminal class when I went through OKC back in February (which was the max according to our instructors). I think there was a terminal class starting about every two weeks during FY13.
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    New London?

    Looks like it's for an Airfield Operations Officer (AOF) position within the NC ANG (pretty much the OIC for ATC and Airfield Management functions on the base).
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    Check out You can find out about retirement/health insurance info there. The govt offers a TSP retirement account and matches up to 5%.
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    HELP! Air Force 5 Level Up Grade Trng

    I've seen it done before & the trainees got checked out. Like your situation, they were extremely sharp and had no trouble in FLT and starting everyone in GC or FD would have caused a huge backlog. We started 3 lvls in whatever position had the least trainees already in training in an effort to...
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    Norfolk Chambers NGU

    NGU has a TWR and GCA. ORF handles the arrivals/departures. I know they have two towers, one for the runway and a "helo tower" that works a lot of the helo traffic over the bay, not sure how the controllers are divided up between the towers and GCA... Traffic seems steady during the weekdays...