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  • Thats really nice of you . i will go ahead and put in a request for time off and then contact barbara if i can get that day off. do you have an personal contact info you would be willing to share just incase i do get that day off and need to get a hold of you to let you know if i can or cant make it.. trust me my fingers have been crossed since my ATL pepc. Is your HR person Sharon Fairless as well ? she has been nice but not really helpful (regarding whats going on).
    i am in the Folsom/ Roseville area . . Yea i havent figured out a place to live but thats the least of my worries i just want to get to academy and get things going. I havent been there for a tour i dont have much time, im working 5 days a week 5-10 out in Davis, Ca. Let me know how the tour goes and let me know if you have any contact info for the ZOA, would you be willing to have me along with you for the tour if i got the day off ?
    hey your in SAC ? i am too, i havent gotten a class date but im headed to ZOA too. Not sure where im gonna live but if you hear of anything good let me know. Im thinking that while at academy ill meet some people and maybe room with someone.
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