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  • hey.. you said someone might be there yesterday at the meet and greet from ZAU.... did you find out anything??
    Hey man .. Now that your in Oklahoma do you happen to hear any rumors on when some more zau people might be heading out there?? I'm hoping you can string me along some info since your already at the academy and I'm going to the same place you are.. Do you have a facebook or anything?
    These PUB 7/8 people all think that we're on here to bring them down. They don't realize that we've seen it and been through it all. Might as well just let them see it for themselves. They'll figure it out the hard way!
    Did you get a class date of Nov 5th? I thought I saw that on one of your posts. Question: my hr rep gave me a date but said she is still working on my FOL. How long does this usually take? My date is Jan. 12, terminal.
    hey! who is your rep??? i have annie, is there any way you are tower and I could get s.f. eamail? thankyou

    hey man.. (or woman) have you got a class date yet.... I saw you were heading to ZAU..... as am I..... I am Pub 5, but just went to the Atl PEPC..... anyways, just wondering if you had heard anything about class dates for our center, and if there are a lot of people waiting to class up for this center.. ( ahead of us)
    Yeah. With all the hearsay we get... I'd feel that way until I had it in writing.

    Wonder if we'll be in OKC together. Of course, that's assuming I get ZSE like I'm hoping, but I'm full of sunshine and optimism.
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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