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  • Im headed up to c90 next month for the operational assesment and was curious if you had any info that would be useful? i have 2 years CPC at ZME.


    Hey! Sorry for the delayed responses, but for some reason SM doesn't email me when msgs are left! Anywho, I've had my struggles during training but I'm hanging in there! I'm in the North area and our Harly sector overlies MKE Apch and C90 so you've 'talked' to us quite a bit!
    Hey I will be there in two weeks to run sims for the new hiring process we will be running rwy 4r and rwy10 arrival problems is there any information you can give me on how to prepare myself. PM me if you can.
    so you either do south or departures? for some reason i thought it was north or south, departure and arrivals.
    Will you end up being certified for the whole room eventually? How long is the training for arrivals? Also, you said that training for north satellite is ~4 months, how does that compare to south and did you get to pick whether you wanted to do north or south? Good luck with your further training.
    I see your at C90, I am going up there next monday for the screening, what can you tell me if about the tracon.
    That's cool, thanks for letting me know... still waiting on the Academy, so the delayed response was irrelevant as far as usefulness to me goes...
    Hey, I see the ATCHours thing in your sig... you liking that site all right? Was thinking about trying it out, but have yet to speak with anyone who has so far.
    "Just checking to see if my wings are there yet. If not, I'll go have a red bull!"

    I feel stupid for laughing at this... but I still am.
    Hey! I just found out yesterday that i'll be starting class 12/15. if you still need a roommate let me know. I'm a male from chicago area. i haven't had too much time to research places so any information on housing that you can share, please do. Thanks, Mike
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