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    Solar Eclipse

    I saw something online that said the next total solar eclipse in the states will be in 2017. This got me thinking what effect an eclipse would have on airport operations. I'm assimg they would operate as if it were night for the fewi items of darkness but does anything else happen? Also, has...
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    Pilot request (SVFR)

    I agree with rwallen. it's not whether its specifically forbidden, rather it is just a really bad idea. You have no way of knowing if the pilot is capable or comfortable of flying below minimums, and an underqualified pilot may take a solicitation as assurance that it will be safe to operate...
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    Tower clearance override appch restriction?

    If they have a restriction to protect other airports why would they switch the ac to tower before all possible conflicts are resolved?
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    Touch and go behind a small+/large departure

    because when a 90kt aircraft is on a 4 mile final it will cross the threshold in about 2.5 minutes, so you aren't technically in the clear.
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    departure followed by full stop opposite direction

    Thanks for the help. It's always nice to get some .65 discussion going!
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    departure followed by full stop opposite direction

    Aircraft departs off runway 2L then a different aircraft lands 20R full stop. The arrival is a small. If the departure is a small plus or large (but never a B757/heavy) is there a MANDATORY wake turbulence advisory and/or time/milage amount?
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    Nice flight plan

    It looks like it goes all the way near Moline IL. I say they should make that entire path the Dreamliner1 arrival into Seattle from anywhere east of the Mississippi!
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    Hey. My training is going well. I am almost done with our north satellite position but I still...

    Hey. My training is going well. I am almost done with our north satellite position but I still have a ways to go before I'm fully certified. What area are you in again? How is everything going for you?
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    "Traffic Observed" vs. "Roger"

    Despite my previous answer I am probably one of the south departure controllers that says stuff like "stay under_" and "get west of_" while you are on sector 3 trying to get the northbound to 6 or 13. I would think that once I've said point out approved I'm not looking for a response from you...
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    "Traffic Observed" vs. "Roger"

    Saying stay west of n123 and climb below n456 means absolutely nothing. 1 mile west of n123 at the same altitude is still west of it regardless of the fact that you don't have standard radar separation. I know that everyone knows what the stay west of and below means, but could you defend...
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    C90 question on visual approaches

    I will try to help if I can. Can you find out what runway he was cleared to at ORD? I am not training on arrivals yet, so I can't say for sure why this happened this way. If you can find out the runway then I can probably find a reason for you. Let me know
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    Ways to radar Identify A/C?

    You can do this, but you have to be able to see the target change from 1200 to the discrete beacon code. This works fine if it is slow and you have only a couple of aircraft in the airspace. If it is a little busier, you might all of a sudden see an acquired target, but that doesn't mean you saw...
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    Is there an app for that?

    7110.65 is the average number of shots one consumes over the duration of their career.
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    Is there an app for that?

    Yes to both and I have both. I think they work great. I didn't not get them for free either