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    Mustang Addition to MMAC

    I never rode around Mustang, but I bike commuted every day from the Candlewood Suites on Meridian when I was down there. Worked out great.
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    Crazy Amount of FV-2101 G-Band ATSS Positions Just Opened Today 11/14!

    Heard over 6k people applied to these bids
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    Big Hiring Changes Proposed

    Anyone know if you leave a position in the FAA for air traffic and then wash out of the academy, if there are any provisions to go back to your old job? After 800 years of navigating the ATC hiring process unsuccessfully I am now working as an ATSS for the FAA. Assuming all these new changes...
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    Sept 17 Start Date

    Haha, gotcha. I had the impression that might be a bit overdressed. Thanks for the info!
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    Sept 17 Start Date

    For the people that are at the academy now/been through recently...what is the typical dress code that people follow? Polo and khakis, or more casual than that?
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    Sept 17 Start Date

    Haha. Hopefully you are joking. This is an ATSS (Tech Ops) thread. Good attention to detail though.
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    Sept 17 Start Date

    Just got my TOL today, going to start getting everything done first thing tomorrow.
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    Sept 17 Start Date

    I heard the same thing. All I've done now so far is sent in a couple of forms but haven't yet got an official TOL. Heard from my rep today that a firm offer is coming soon though, so who knows how it will go.
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    Sept 17 Start Date

    Just got picked up, and was told until further notice they are not giving out TOL's because of this OPM mess. I have heard the hope was to get to class by September but that seems awfully optimistic at this point.
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    Flight Service

    Anybody get interviewed for this?
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    VRA Announcement & Future Announcements

    Well I am a vet but I applied under the all U.S. citizens bid. Referral from 4/20 haven't heard a peep.
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    ATSS Skills Experience

    Congrats on the offer Villager. Anyone else who had a referral recently get an interview or any news on the process?
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    Flight Service

    Just found out today that they reviewed hundreds of applications but I was not selected for an interview. Best of luck to you!
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    Flight Service

    Still nothing?
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    Multiple Referrals

    By the way my status was similar to yours. On 4/14 my application was "not included at this time", then on 4/20 I was referred. Both for the DC Metro area. Best of luck tomorrow. Hoping they will be calling around for DC area referrals soon.