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    DoD Overseas Permanent Position

    I'm not so sure about the "consecutive years at EACH location" part. I think it's 5 consecutive years... period. So, if you spend 3 years at one overseas then got hired at another, you'll only be able to do 2 years before having to rotate back to the US. No quoting me but I think that's how it...
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    MCAS Cherry Point, NC

    haha thanks. However, A. I'm old and 2. DoD has me stuck in their claws already. If it's any consolation, I got into the system following retirement site-unseen. That is, the hiring manager didn't know me yet took a chance on my resume/interview so they are still some sites out there where you...
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    MCAS Cherry Point, NC

    Does anyone have any intel on the latest Cherry Point ad? That is, is that payscale correct?? If so, how??? If not, what is the REAL scale???? Is it up/down or just tower with RFC function????? Lastly, and probably most importantly, is it already spoken for or up for grabs?????? TIA MG
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    Fort Campbell KY ATC

    Don't quote me but if you got a "not referred" then it had nothing to do with facility. That usually means something was afoul with your app and it never even made it to ATM''s desk.
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    Dobbins Announcement

    Cool, appreciate the info, thanks.
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    Dobbins Announcement

    Anyone here with 411 on Dobbins slot? Is that a straight up RADAR slot, up/down or office slot (e.g automation, TERPS, etc.)? Also, is it an arranged marriage?? ;)
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    SSgt Young, who were you answering with this question????? I LMBAO when I realized you MAY be answering me :D :D :D
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    Are they REALLY gonna release that radar chief slot?? If so, I know the perfect candidate, he's already there and used to be (well, once, always, right) a devil dawg and SHOULD have his degree by now since all he did was school. He has a "black" name but he's a white guy (at least from the...
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    Do you guys think I may have a shot at one of those slots, say, in a year and a half???
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    NAS Oceana Info

    If you are currently or recently stationed at NAS Oceana (as an ATCer, of course) could you hit me up through pm, please, thank you.
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    DoD Openings

    SSgt Young ain't never lie. Well, he DOES quite frequently but in this case, he's on point: FHU IS one of the best kept secrets in the DoD!!
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    DoD Openings

    That's how I got hired... golf ball/hose video.
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    Ft. Polk

    It beats Okinawa, I hear! :p
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    Navy Question

    One of the smartest things you've ever said, Devil Dawg! ;)
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    Referred for DOD Job, What Step is Next?

    Leave it to THIS guy to be a killjoy. I Garfunkled your mother last night, Skylines Trebek!! :p