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  • Mr Mike, we dont know each other, but i think i seen that you were in K-har. Can you tell me about that facility. And whats he average yearly pay over there. Thanks for your time
    What company are you going to be working for? Some managers (tower chiefs) usually email new employees and provide information on what you need but then again I received mine from Midwest a month after I was in country.
    Hey Mike, you replied to my post the other day about Dwyer air base. The info you gave me was a big help. Do you have any other suggestions or tips? Especially for packing. It seems as though I can't figure out what are necessities and what aren't. Maybe It's because I'm packing my bags and keeping in mind that I'm going to be there for an entire year. This is my first time with a contract company and I just have a huge question mark above my head about so much. Any and all advice will be a big help. Thanks.
    Bagram is always needing controllers, you'll need to contact Parry Campbell at Midwest ATC after you submit your resume/application on line via their website. Parry's phone number should be on their web sited.
    Hey Mike, you seem to have a vast knowledge of current ATC affairs and I have a couple questions. I am getting out of the Army in a couple months, I have a CTO and 6 years experience. I am current on flight physical and security clearance. My wife is getting stationed in Bagram in Decemeber and i was wondering if the towers over there were in need of any controllers?
    Hello Mike, My name is Ehab and I am from New York. I can see that you are a Air Traffic Controller. So I wonder if you have any tips that can help me to become a Controller. I do go to an Aviation College in New York and I am also going for ATC. Thank you, and I really hope that I hear from you shortly.
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