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    The Benefits of Non-RADAR Training

    There is no real benefit for Non-Radar over Radar. I just finished a contract in Africa where everything was non-radar approach and area control, and I will say emphatically that having Radar would had made the job way easier let alone much more efficient.
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    USMC ATC Certifications

    The FAA only cares if you have a valid CTO (Control Tower Operator), GCA, CCA certifications don't mean a thing to the FAA. Your first and foremost priority will be to get through boot camp once you sign on the dotted line.
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    Afghanistan Contract ATC

    What you don't realize is that Kandahar handles on average 800 to 1,400 operations per day on a single runway, and is definitely not the place to learn the job.
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    Obtaining CTO

    Don't forget the real benefit of hiring Veterans who were ATC, they have "Experience", and often are quicker to certify. Granted I've trained some awesome CTI's, but their lack of experience often slows their training down.
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    Obtaining CTO

    Your problem is that no contractor that I'm aware of will hire a CTI graduate that does not have a CTO with experience of a year or more. The only active hiring that I'm seeing anywhere is in Europe and the Middle East and there you need a ICAO license and they don't accept an FAA issued license.
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    Night Vision Ops (NVG)

    We would put NVG aircraft on one runway with the lights off, and other aircraft to another runway that was lite, granted this was only an issue at airfields with military aircraft.
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    StuckMic Upgrade

    Actually I kind of like the "NO THANKS" button too, I would add an auto archive for old conferences/topics as well as those messages in them, you can always add a separate area to access and search old messages.
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    Vehicular Movement

    The only place it would be is within Chapter 3 of the .65 Remember that the AIM was written for pilots not controllers.
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    Afghanistan ATC

    Internet at Kandahar is wireless and cost about $100 a month, a tablet will work but you can only have one device signed onto your account at a time. LSA is the Living area, most room they put up a blanket or rug to divide the rooms off which then also blocks the air conditioning from reaching...
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    Vehicular Movement

    A vehicle must report clear of a runway, as for other movement areas they only have to report clear if you ask them to report clear, which isn't a bad idea since you will know that you don't have a vehicle roaming around that you might forget about.
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    Afghanistan ATC

    Basically you live in a 8X20 box (no window) that you share with another person. The LSA is glorified boxes stacked 2 high with a roof over top so you have an enclosed hallway between. Downstairs is a common room with a television (AFN only), a small workout room, each floor (2 floors) has...
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    Local Seniority Tie Breaker Procedures

    The NATCA contract is very specific on how to establish seniority, the coin flip would only come into play if two or more individuals don't have any prior military or federal service that would work as tie breakers.
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    Reading while on position?

    Frist of all there is noting in the 7110.65, and the AIM isn't written for controllers it is for pilots, if there was a regulation it would be in the 7210.3 or written in your local Facility Operations Guide. The rule always use to be: "If you had traffic you didn't read", I always had a book...
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    Intersection Dept.

    The only helicopter that I've had that asked for full length of the runway was that Monster Russian helicopter (MI-26) which had a fuselage the size of a C130. All other helicopters either departed from the ramps, helo pad, or taxiway.
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    Afghanistan ATC

    Kandahar's complexity comes from the mix of aircraft all coming to a single runway, often with fixed wing pilots who aren't willing to fly speeds assigned by the controllers to maintain spacing on final. Then you add in helicopters going back and forth on the final or departure courses you can...