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  • Hello I stumbled across some posts that you were involved in. I'm very interested in ERR to BNA. I have not talked to my rep yet or haven't started any paperwork but am curious if you might have any info on the current staffing numbers or if the facility might be picking anyone up in 2014. I'm a CPC at an Atc-6 up/down and am ready to expand my horizons. Any info is appreciated. Thank you.
    everything is well man. OKC is all bookwork the first two weeks. then its separating aircraft. you pretty much can either do it or you cant. everything is about the PV unfortunately. we have people who have 11 years experience, all the way to absolutely zero terminal experience. just come in with an open mind and learn the ACADEMY way. an instructor put it very well here, a controller is full of completely obsolete knowledge. yes, you may need to know the runway width along with the width of taxiway gulf, but the day you leave, who gives. just learn the system and then move on. the trick is being able to learn the system and do it as required,here. FOR NOW.
    Hello there Mike,
    From what I read it looks like your going to BNA. That is my dream assignment, since I'm from the Nashville area. I would love to talk to you more about the FAA and BNA if you have the time. My email address is clinton.b.woodard@gmail.com would love to hear from you. Thanks!
    Looks like I'll miss you out here. All the kids at Isola really love it, best of luck and be ready to work and make some adjustments. Best of luck and congrats.
    It's pretty sweet man. Three tests this week, two next week, then we start tabletops. Alot of material pretty quick, but a good chunk of it you should already know if you have an Aviation background. I'd recommend kims or Isola as well. When do you head out here ?
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