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    Per employment physical

    Ears are the tone test. Eyes, depth perception, color blindness and basic vision test.
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    Facility Swap Request

    Contract says swaps cannot be unduly delayed. What that means, nobody knows. To answer your question, it varies by facility. Nobody can give you an exact answer on that unfortunately. It's all situational. Vague enough?
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    Chicago O'Hare Tower - ORD

    That's my uncle
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    Chicago O'Hare Tower - ORD

    I do have family in a few different places in FL, and I grew up there. Who do you know?
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    Chicago O'Hare Tower - ORD

    If it makes you guys feel better, they're passing up on CPC transfers to make room for brand new VRA hires.
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    Current GS Quitting to Go to FAA En Route Academy, Pay Retention?

    I think you have to transfer from dod to faa to save pay. Meaning, don't quit your dod job and ask HR what paperwork is needed in order to transfer between agencies. That's how it worked for me, but I'm sure there's someone else on here that did it differently. Just look into it though.
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    Civilian Save Pay

    The bid you're hired on is irrelevant. If you're a current federal employee, you save pay. Don't let them tell you otherwise. Of course I'm speaking for 2152 transfers. I think that's all the contract (red book) covers.
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    Academy Housing

    If you're trying to save money, stay away from the housing providers in OKC. They take full advantage of the money the FAA gives you. They're overpriced and not worth it. Check out Craigslist. Having said that, I've stayed at IB twice and staying again starting Sunday. They're ok. They have a...
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    New SF-50

    Youre entitled to it so the FAA would have to give you back pay I believe.
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    Manchester - MHT

    Not much help but my dad worked there when I was young. We lived in Merrimack. Winters are cold and from what I've heard, it's pretty slow. I understand they lost their TRACON and now are tower only. It's expensive to live, property taxes are high. No sales tax though. Probably doesn't help, but...
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    Radar to Tower / Tower to Radar

    The real money is at large TRACONs due to poor staffing, high washout rates, and all the OT you can handle + some more.
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    One Day 4 Mid Schedule

    I've heard something along the lines of losing proficiency of working actual traffic. That's why they don't allow straight mids. If you're at someplace like Memphis, I'm sure it would be different. I don't know how true any of that is, it's just what I've heard. Sounds like a miserable schedule...
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    ERR Facilities for Developmentals

    Seems like higher cost of living areas with lower pay
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    ERR Facilities for Developmentals

    I've heard Islip, Beaumont, Traverse City, Nantucket. Have a friend that washed out and he was offered some of those facilities.