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  • Hello,

    Here is her information:
    Portia (pronounced like the car Porshe)
    (678) 478-3576

    Give her a call so you can iron out the details. Let me know if you need help reaching her. My email is Rachel.Cruz@gmail.com


    I have told my classmate about your offer. I am waiting for her to make a choice, which is why I haven't gotten back to you. I just didn't want to keep you hanging. She is a wash out from Denver center, but I didn't want to put her on blast like that. Hopefully things will work out for both of you.

    I've only heard good things about IB, and my brother recommended it so I thought I'd try. ATC is a small world, you'll be surprised by how many people know someone that you know or work with.
    All the info should be a good review. Ready to get going again. I start Nov 25 and go through Jan 19. Staying at IB bc they had some $39 deal.
    Do you have the number for the MMPI scheduling by chance? I was reading your post on the MMPI scheduling thread.

    You would pick the day my son's getting his child dedication at church. Uh, wanna come see the desert?
    Man, Mike Jones fell off the radar..lol Slim is str8 but my boy Durrough is from Dallas so he gets the nod.
    Hey i just looked at a forum and you posted something about what you heard from a district manager. And the next guy who posted after you said 780 sounds good to me. Im thinking there was a link in your post but for some reason i can't see it. The forume that im speaking of is March panels udate
    man, thats awesome! howd you go about doing that?? im playin the waiting game man, ready to get hired! im working for AAL right now, station agent...blows. let me know when you get to LAS and ill fly out brotha...that douche tyler is on here somewhere, not sure what his username is though.
    u know where ur staying yet?? i can recommend a good gym once i know where ur staying. i live in southern highlands. the facility itself is cool. the new boss of WCG is kinda lame, but other than that everything is good at L30. can't wait to meet u. i'm JL or jeff when u get here. feel free to hit me up and i'll give u more specific info as needed.
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