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  • Yeah, I got picked up this time. I got turned down back in PUBNAT5 but got picked up this time through CTI.
    Hang in there, man. I know it sucks but perseverance pays off. Don't let them get the best of you.
    Hey, Happy Thanksgiving. Yea I got the email yesterday, terminal FL, not sure where yet... hopefully the interviews aren't too far out. Hope everything is going well for you
    I saw you were looking for info from anyone who was up for the Oct panel for VA. I got a "try again" for Virginia-reinstatement as a former FAA (CPC) at PCT. Don't think anyone was picked up for PCT this go-around. Good luck to you!
    The facility I'm at (PHL) isn't taking any more OTS or CTI ppl. But if they were, I feel like they would've been able to shoe me in so they do have some power in hiring. The RPO that I replaced when I started actually went to PHL, but she was one of the last two CTIs for PHL. They only want former millitary or CPC transfers now. They couldn't even help out the Adacel guy who ran the tower sim and he was VRA and coming up on 30. I guess I got to the facility at kind of a stopping point in their hiring unfortunately. But the job has helped a whole lot. I've learned a lot about the TRACON world even though I'm going to a Center. If you're able to get selected for L30 after working their you will have an enormous leg-up on everyone else when you get to the facility but I guess that goes without saying
    Oh gotchya. The form you just filled out was the consent form. Ok on 5/25 I got that email for the consent form. On 5/27 I got an email that gave me the link to the eqip form. So it'll come soon. And I remember now. I took my drug test after I got my welcome packet. There were a bunch of medical forms in it and the drug test was listed in the to do list.
    The eqip is the sf85, just an electronic version. Next step is to get your fingerprints done and mail them in with the eqip signatures. Then you fill out an I-9. Also I took a drug test at some point but I forget when. Then you get a welcome packet in the mail one the background check clears. And I think that's it. Throughout the whole proccess I was in contact with someone from Raytheon via email or phone. One of the emails I got gave me this guy's name and contact info, but he contacted me first.
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