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    Wayne Gretzky of the Academy?

    I graduated the academy in 2011, all the " gretzkys" of the academy were mostly douches. i was probably 4th in the clas hand have been certified at a 8..11.. and 12 on that period of time. hes probably still sitting w a thumb up his ass at a level 7. its all relevant.
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    300 ops a day and they are thinking of making you an up down lol, cmon man. They are cutting costs, not creating empty tracons
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    New ERR MOU

    I have a feeling this will never go through. It's been on the verge for 6 months now. It would have already happened
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    LUAW Traffic Calls

    true NO TIME for prescribed phraseology at a level 8 . AT ALL!
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    Understaffed Facilities!

    You sound so desperate. It's making everyone not want to go there. If it's that great stay.
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    Understanding Speed Control/ Calculating Miles Per Minute

    Most underrated tower function, fixing finals shitty sequenece and speed control
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    I went from 6 to 11
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    Potomac TRACON - PCT

    I jumped from a 6 to an 11 and certified in 6 months. tell me more about how hard it is and your faa atc experience please?
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    Washington Dulles Tower - IAD

    Thank you for your expertise jmanley. I will not hold you accountable for all my ATC inquries.
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    Washington Dulles Tower - IAD

    Has anyone heard stories of the facility they presently work at being " what is used to be ". My favorite is watching those same controllers going down the shitter after all the stories about how busy we "used to be "
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    Potomac TRACON - PCT

    Just cause hes the NATCA rep doesnt automatically mean he or she will give you the time of day. To be honest, i've had more succes going through management for tours. Plus they are the ones who hire you.
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    Nevada LAS

    LAS - Facility Swap Request
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    Cape TRACON - K90

    Updates on this?