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  • Yeah, I cleared pretty much the same day as well. The real question is how much longer are we going to have to wait.
    Well, I've done my medical, psych, and security test. I'm now just waiting for them now I guess. I still don't know where I'm going though. Where are you at in the process, and do you know where you're going yet?
    Yeah, I'm a CTI. I graduated from Purdue in Dec '10. I haven't gotten my TOL yet, but i should in the next couple days according to my HR rep.
    I haven't got my tentative offer yet, but I did have my interview about a month ago. Which facility did you get placed at?
    this is the first panel i've put in for GA. simply because i already live in Peachtree city area and work at A80. figured GA would be a safe bet considering my close proximity to the GA district mananger
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