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  • Hey,can you provide me any info in Midwest. Got job offer. Would like to know conditions, personnel , pay, stuff to do etc.
    thanks in advance!
    Wrote you a nice PM and got rejected, full mailbox.

    Thoroughly appreciate your info man. Thanks a million.
    Believe me, I knew about three minutes after it hit the news thanks to my Twitter crowd. Downside to working for JetBlue is I can't talk about it publicly. Too bad, eh? It's an... uh... "interesting" story.
    Heh. I should've said clouds. You figure that one out and I'll stick around. But hey, now you have a place to crash at in SoCal. Whenever they finally start us, that is.
    I'm a old man for FAA standards at 29, So I went OTS....didn't have enough time to complete the schooling. Coming in under a law enforcement degree.
    Hey how are you? Your post makes me sad. 2 weeks till November. Whats a little more waiting. Sharon told Alvin Jan 20th. I wonder why she did not tell you the same thing. I wonder if ZOA has the list of Jan class yet? We should just call them and ask. Anyways thought I would just drop by and say whats up. Heres to hearing soon.
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