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  • helloooo punk...wtf you think you too good for me you controller punk....lmao... hows it going???
    It's okay; thanks.

    YES...going home in a few weeks. WEWT.
    Hey, do you know anyone who works at ISP?

    I know this sounds kind of weird, but I am trying to get someone to take a pic of my plane leaving.
    And about the spare bedroom, I would REALLY appreciate the offer if the parents could agree and the help if it could work out...even for just a few weeks while I get settled in ZNY and look for a place. I'm a clean guy, and keep the place clean, and mainly keep to myself, and the really only thing I need is just a roof over my head, a bed which I got, and a shower. I'm very self sufficient! I'll even do some sort of rent thing, lol! Let me message you my cell number. I'm just overwhelmed with getting to LI and right away starting work without even settling into a place which I DON'T have yet...know what I mean?
    I thought you jumped.....I've heard that quote before. When I get settled in ZNY, what you say we both hit up the dropzone. It's in Calverton...Skydive Long Island. Either that, or we could head to south NJ for MY home dz Crosskeys. Either way, I will be jumping at SDLI and CK! I'm taking my gear to OKC with me and jumping a weekend or two if I can probably in Dallas, TX!
    When you get to ZNY, you already got a place to call home? And you willing to have a roommate if yes come mid-june? Even for a few weeks only until I get my OWN place?

    Also......how many jumps you have? I assume you skydive?
    Well TECHNICALLY I'm from NJ, but I consider myself mostly New Yorker, lol. So just 6 guys then headed for ZNY?
    All 5 of you guys are going to ZNY with me? At least I guess this way I know SOMEONE in OKC and ZNY!
    Hiya Punk!!

    Let me know how the academy is going and take pics....if i didnt say this before...i hate you i rrreeally do....lol.... i keed i keed...lmao...

    Hey.....Whats the Basics like? I am a CTI coming onboard 3/18, so I may be one of the 3 you mentioned. And just in case we ARE working night on 3/23, I have a backup....got tix to see the Music As A Weapon 4 Tour with Disturbed for Saturday 4/4 in Little Rock, AR....Just in case! I'm actually leaving my place in NJ in a few minutes to catch them TONIGHT at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ!
    Go Wahoos! Haha...I grew up in Roanoke but like the Wahoos!....I was an outcast. I did go to school with Jerrod Ferguson...the Hokies starting fullback for five years...from I believe 98-02...he was a cool guy so I started rooting for the Hokies a little more since I knew him.
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