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    Colorado BJC

    Rocky Mountain Metro ATCT (Denver area)
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    Aircraft on the hold with an inbound circling approach

    Good point, I'm glad this came up. I always knew you can't use LUAW with low approaches, but I never pinpointed how those two sections interacted to "bait" someone into trying to argue they could try some kind of altitude restricted low approach... now I'll be ready for "don't do it, re-read...
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    Pilot request (SVFR)

    Yes, good article with some useful reminders for ATC & pilots. Bottom line: I was trained to never issue SVFR unless the pilot asks for it first. For example: there have been a few times I have given the weather and stated to a VFR (non-instrument rated) pilot outside the airspace "the field...
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    4−8−6 Circling approach

    Yes, I've seen lots of "interesting" techniques that appear contrary to 4-8-6. My two cents: even when the weather's perfect VMC, I'll make a good effort to work a circling approach (IFR or VFR) the same way I would if the pilot was flying it during marginal conditions. If the pilot put in the...
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    VFR Tower Vis Sep

    That's a good point. I find I'm continually reminding our newer tower guys to keep wake turbulence rules in mind (eg. small following large) before initiating to the approach controller that we, the VFR tower, "can provide visual separation."
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    overrun | underrun

    Do you have a source for the Airport Division rules cited here?