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  • I'm going to Tulsa Community College. There aren't any prerequisites that I know about. Usually there is a waiting list but I was able to get around it because I didn't have to take ATC Basics since I have exp. This particular school requires a private pilots license. Not all schools require this. Just check around and sign up for one soon. Keep in mind it can be expensive if you get a bachelors degree. The one I'm going to is an associates but it gives the same CTI certificate. And remember to try for the associates from a community college because it will be faster and you won't get a useless bachelors degree in ATC because the CTI is not a sure fire way to get in.
    how long have you been applying for the FAA? This is my first time. Just curious as I am trying to get to Indiana. Thanks
    Congrats!!!! I made referral for Cali.....thats whats up....now let's get some offers!!!!
    Waddup Monica!!! LBCALI here!! Just wanted to drop a line and say what's up....so are you prior military? I'm reachin out to a bunch of folks who are in the same boat as me.....trying to get a damn job!!! LMAO I'm sure you've seen that the announcements have closed....I called OKC today and they said that they're going through the applications now and that by the end of March people who've been selected should be getting notified. Well best of luck and keep me posted on your process.

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