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  • That sucks man, sorry to hear. So what, you're just staying DOD in the Forks now?
    Yeah, man. April '07 came and I didn't look back. I'm happy for what the Air Force did for me but they also guaranteed a non-reenlistment for a first term airman by sending me to Columbus.
    Well, 4 years in the Agency. Started with Andrews Tower. Then on to BWI Tower. Now I'm a sup at Youngstown, OH tower/tracon. Life's good. You should jump ship for the FAA. They ain't so bad.
    That would be an awesome facility to go to. But you got time, and a good place your'e at now until that door opens for you.
    Wow! That's definitely a feat of excelence. No, my DOS was Sep 5, so i'm officially out now for 2 weeks and have my app in for the FAA again. Fingers crossed, hoping for CA, but put WA as a backup. I def have enought experience with three busy radar facilities, center experience, and some tower as well... But we shall see what happenes. You still trying to get out i see?
    The original Hot Dish was most epic. It may be a difficult road to try and top that one. But hey, if anyone can do it, you can.
    HA yeah I loved that. Definitely one of my finer moments in life. What ever happened to the Hot Dish?
    Burby??? Come on bro, I don't talk to you in almost 3 years and you go straight for the kidney shot! How's it goin man?
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