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    Puerto Rico SJU- San Juan, PR

    I would also be open for F11, P31, ZHU, or RSW.
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    June Open Bid Reapply After Washed Out HERE WE GO!!

    I wouldn't bring up that I already took the test. You are drawing attention to your previous failure!
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    Facility Swap Request

    Anybody wang to come to beautiful Puerto Rico? I'm looking for Florida or Georgia!
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    Facility Swap Request

    Anyone looking to go to SJU?
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    ERR Questions

    What are the chances of someone getting an ERR as a developmental? Asking for a friend!
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    Looking for Some Ideas

    Previous experience bid will be out in march!
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    Middle East Contracts

    I got you on a contact. Text me!��
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    What's pay like there? Any CIP?
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    San Juan Tower Does anyone have any info on what it's like at San Juan tower?
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    ANYBODY Get HIRED Recently?

    I've gotten referred a hand full of times but no calls!
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    CTO Schools?

    I meant experienced controllers that want a job.
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    CTO Schools?

    How much do those schools pay the controllers?
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    Best Academy Housing

    So I PM'd the guy and he said they rented a bare 2 bedroom and bought basic furniture for 1k. with everything split between them, it comes out 20/night between the 2 people. In the end they save a lot of money. IDK if I would like to go through all the headache involved with that. Kim's is...
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    9/27/2017 Enroute Basics Join the group on Facebook!